How this tool can help you land your dream job!

One of the first things users and recruiters see when they visit your Linkedin profile is your summary, surprisingly enough not many care about this section! some would leave it blank while others would leave 1 sentence as a headline. In my case I was frustrated about that part of my CV for so long, I wasn’t satisfied with anything I wrote, I would start writing today and finish 2 days later just to delete it and steal one from a similar profile like mine, and tweak it a bit! writing a Linkedin summary can be stressful and time-consuming, but it’s worth it, and here is why.


Increase your search-ability

Linkedin uses this section along with other sections in their search algorithm. It doesn’t weigh as much as the title or headline does on the search but it has a weight and writing it can improve your search-ability. The summaries this tool generates are optimized for the Linkedin search algorithm, during the summary creation the tool asks you questions, and under each question, it gives you tips on how to answer, so the result can be optimized and grammatically correct! So make sure you read those tips and follow the example otherwise you might need to tweak the result and grammatically check it.

It’s your chance to express yourself

Unlike other sections, the summary profile is where you can inject your personality to your profile and tell about yourself, life motivations, goals, and impress the recruiter with your professional accomplishments and tell them why they should hire you.
The summary is one of the first things the visitors see when they open your profile, it’s an opportunity for you to express yourself in a way that gives a good first expression.

Start strong

When recruiters see your profile, Linkedin shows the whole summary by default, but for other visitors, they would see just the first 300 characters. So you want to start strong, and write something that catches their eyes and push them to keep reading! The summaries provided by this tool are well thought out to give the best first impression and hook the reader from the first sentence. We thought about the best ways to sell yourself and brought them to you with love in this tool.

It’s Free!

This tool is a great resource for you to have as a job seeker, so you might want to keep it under your belt and share it with others. This tool is born from the stress i had while I was writing my summary and wished something like this would exist, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, use that time instead in a skill that pushes your career to the next level.
This tool doesn’t collect or your data in any way! I rely on ads and donations to finance my hard work.