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Even after you have created the best LinkedIn profile it is important to keep on optimizing it. This is because this platform has new users coming in every day and it is difficult to set yourself apart from them.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t try. Even minor and simple improvements can go a long way when it comes to boosting your LinkedIn profile.

Here are easy yet effective ways you can improve your LinkedIn profile today.


Customize Your URL


If you are worried that people are not able to find you then customizing your URL can help you solve that problem. When you create your profile LinkedIn gives you a URL filled with numbers. No one can guess this and use it to find you.

Create a custom URL for yourself that reflects who you are. The most impactful way is to just add your first and last name so people who know your name can easily find you.

However, if that is not available then make it relevant to your job or industry instead.


Improve Your Summary


Many people underestimate the power of a good summary. This is what recruiters see and it is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression. If you haven’t optimized your summary then it is time you do that now.

Add accomplishments, goals, and passions. The trick is to use your summary to tell your story. However, remember to incorporate keywords so your chances of visibility can increase.

A simple yet effective way to get a great summary is through our LinkedIn summary generator tool. It will curate a personalized summary for you once you have answered a few questions.

It will also optimize it so recruiters can easily search for you. Save yourself the time and effort by opting for our free LinkedIn bio generator tool.


Get Recommendations


Your recommendations are in simple terms reviews and testimonials. Wherever you have been employed or are currently employed, ask your colleagues or manager for a recommendation.

You must have at least 1 recommendation for every job you have done. This is because recruiters will go through these to get an insight into how other people perceive you and whether you will suit their organization.


Stay Active By Staying Connected


LinkedIn is all about growing your network. Do that by staying active and connected to people. Join groups, take part in discussions, give and get recommendations, and connect with new people by sending them requests with a personalized message.

All these small things add up and are extremely effective in helping your profile stay active. It will also increase your visibility.


Final Words


Great connections are important when it comes to being successful in your relevant industry. Use your LinkedIn profile to your advantage by boosting it with these effective ways.

Once you do you will see the amazing results in no time. Improve your headline and summary with our LinkedIn bio generator tool now. Try it out and see for yourself the effective summary it will curate for you!

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